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Jeff Bridges

I put this on a 2010 Toshiba Satellite Netbook. FLIES! VERy nice OS. Great software pre-installed. LTS (Long Term Support) Very easy to use.
I definitely recommend this Linux flavor for anyone. Everything just works.

Published on 12.06.2016, from MD

I am very impressed with LXLE. It worked great from the get go. I have several old Dell laptops, one that came with vista and three that originally came with xp. When I bought the three XP Dell's off ebay I tried half a dozen distros before LXLE. the first one to work effortlessly. connect to my wifi and use bluetooth. Great Job

Published on 29.05.2016, from US
Ron Carrier

Great distro for my dell inspiron 6000 laptop. Everything works. Tried a few different distros and this one is by far the best. It is fast,great interface. All drivers loaded automatically during install. Thanks

Published on 26.05.2016, from Belleville, Michigan

I am impressed with LXLE, I installed it in an old Dell B120 lap top that I had stopped using due to windows XP had slowed down and it had so much spyware and viruses that I couldn't even browse the web any longer. With LXLE I literally breathed new life into this old laptop and now it's working just like new. Dell B120 celeron processor 1gig memmory. Thank you Linux/LXLE....Good Bye microsoft

Published on 17.05.2016, from LA
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I totaly aggree, I run LXDE on a very recent computer ( I bought it in May 2014). I will never look back, it is very fast and it does every thing that I need. ~J-F Payette

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