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N. Gasieta

LXLE is THE quintessential GUI/Linux variant when it comes to lightweight and fast distors.

And that it's filled with numerous features? Well, there is no reason to not like it.

Published on 20.10.2016, from Tokyo

This Linux distro has everthying I need in a O/S systrem. Totally hot. I celebrated by downloading my Pict of NUC for desktop. Good jobm you undersatn us

Published on 16.10.2016, from New York City

Installed 32 bit version on my old pc I had built in 2006 or 2007. Had tried other distros with a lag to them because of this pc being as old as it is ...great work guys no lag so far and it runs great. LOVE this comes with USB writer already installed.

Published on 06.10.2016, from Morris Alabama
Nitin C

I used it of Thinkpad R40 with 512 RAM . And it is so fast and no lags. Thank you guys .

Published on 29.09.2016, from India
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What others are saying

I love LXLE as it works flawlessly on my 2009 Dell XPS430 Desktop PC. Everything is fluent without lagging ~Mr Video

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