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Has everyting you need right out of the box, & wrapped in a beautiful package too! I'm glad someone made lxde into a full on distro.

Published on 06.06.2013

Love this distro. i have been using Ubuntu for several years on my aging Thinkpad and have recently been feeling the bloat. LXLE is very quick and has just the right applications installed. Just added a couple of things and now feel like I have the perfect setup. Thanks!

Published on 06.06.2013

Awesome job!! Just installed on a IBM Thinkpad T42 and it works perfectly. Keep up the good work.

Published on 06.06.2013

LXLE is very snappy, low on resources, full of useful software and looks very slick with the Greybird theme. It has an attractive "look and feel" to it. Kudos!

Published on 06.06.2013
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I installed LXLE 12.04.5 on a friend's Acer Aspire T120E with a AMD Sempron 2800 32 bit ONLY CPU in place of XP - it is so much faster now. Please continue to keep 12.04.5 updated in step with the 64 bit LXLE version. ~verdant

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