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Well done !! Installed easily on Pent 4 with 2G Ram, after failed attempts with Mint and ReactOS. Elegant, smooth, full featured. Thanks.

Published on 02.01.2017, from Kingston Jamaica
Arturo GarcĂ­a

After testing several distros in an old PC I assembled in 2001 (15 years ago!), with different results, I was not completely satisfied.

I installed LXLE 16.04.1 and result is EXCELLENT: Web navigation, videos / sound playing, Office applications go smoothly, and even streaming video from youtube plays fine. Last but not least, distribution look and feel is very beautiful and pleasant to use.

I recovered this abandoned PC and now I will use it occasionally in my mother's home.

These are the PC specifications:
MS-6330 LE Motherboard / AMD Athlon 1133 Mhz CPU (32 bits / PAE) / 1280 MB RAM / 40 GB HD / Riva TNT2 PCI VGA Card / Realtek 8139 10/100 Eth Card

Congratulations to LXLE team. You have done a great work!

Published on 14.12.2016, from Caracas, Venezuela

I've installed LDLE eclectica on my Asus E200HA, well known for being a huge trouble through most linux distros.
LDLE worked on first try, no tweak needed, and proved to be very friendly and deeply customizable.
Thanks for the hard work !

Published on 13.12.2016, from France

Installed on Dell Dimension 4600 (single core P4, no hyperthreading even) and this thing is freaking awesome! Tried Mint before but it was sluggish and I had issues with sound. Lxle has a very polished UI and feels quite zippy for a decade old machine, yay!

Published on 11.12.2016, from Norhern Calif.
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I hate to throw away my old PCs/NBs so I've used many light distros. LXLE is light, is quick and is the only one which I have never had problems of instability. ~stupenDOS

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