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Phil Wade

Brilliant. Installed LXLE on my daughter's netbook (in place of 7 starter) and it runs like a dream. Thanks for all the work that's gone into this. This will become more and more important as XP dies...

Published on 30.10.2013, from Norwich, UK

I have a 2 year old acer aspire one that is getting somewhat tired. Its limited to 2 gigs RAM and although its a 64 bit machine, the major distros seem to slow it down and it runs hotter. LXLE appears to be alot easier on the old girl and it does run a lot faster. I will be using this distro for some time unless someone comes up with something better.

Published on 28.10.2013, from Phoenix Arizona

Booted the LiveCD version from the Linux Format DVD and was BLOWN AWAY. It ran faster than anything else on my HP1000 Mini Network with a 1 Gig of RAM.

Published on 27.10.2013

This IS the strongest running Ubuntu based distro I've ever encountered. The "core" of this distro is well built, much better than the "big name" distros. I don't suffer from crashes like most of the recent releases found on Distrowatch. WELL DONE! I am a hard-core LXDE user, and this one just blows all the others away! I hope LXLE is around for a long, long time! P.S. If you ever consider making and releasing a "stripped-down" version (this exact same release, but with fewer apps), I'll definately name my next child "LXLE"...boy or girl, it doesn't matter. :)

Published on 24.10.2013
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Greatest distro ever found! My old (6 years) computers work painless. I especially appreciate the wifi connection which was never working with other distro. ~pam

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