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This IS the strongest running Ubuntu based distro I've ever encountered. The "core" of this distro is well built, much better than the "big name" distros. I don't suffer from crashes like most of the recent releases found on Distrowatch. WELL DONE! I am a hard-core LXDE user, and this one just blows all the others away! I hope LXLE is around for a long, long time! P.S. If you ever consider making and releasing a "stripped-down" version (this exact same release, but with fewer apps), I'll definately name my next child "LXLE"...boy or girl, it doesn't matter. :)

Published on 24.10.2013

"I am impressed"... you can quote me on that! I am a ICT support person of 15+ years and I currently find many customers bringing me their tired MS XP and Vista machines to "renovate". They complain of the sluggishness of the existing system, security loopholes, viri, and reliability problems. Most have never heard of Linux. I now install LXLE as a dual boot on all my jobs. And all customers have been impressed and ive had no further related problems. :-)

Published on 17.10.2013, from Liverpool, UK

Tried this once, didnt like it for some reason i couldnt put my finger on, so went to a ubuntu-core with xmonad over top, now though iv reinstalled this dual booting to give me a more graphical enviro and love it Shares my main systems data flawlessly and when im trying to convert my windows and apple users this is what is how as the layout of xmonad sends them running a little, all in all awesome work, simple elegant and just works and i love the website layout

Published on 07.10.2013

The perfect distro for my Thinkpad T42. Works way better than XP ever did and since it does it all I am now free from Win$. Thanks!

Published on 23.09.2013, from Springfield Or
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Absolutely fabulous! Past years I tried no less than 11 distro's on this machine, but never have I been able to ditch Windows, but today I finally did. Thank you so much! ~Frank

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