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Ciprian Bugulet

I LXLE installed on a computer: Packard Bell 2006 AMD Athlon 3000 + and works great. I like change wallpaper every boot. Keep up the good work.

Published on 26.07.2013, from Romania
Earl Picket

Have just installed LXLE on one of my old Shuttle AMD machines, everything works perfectly. This has to be one of my favourite Linux distros. Keep up the good work folks:)

Published on 21.07.2013, from Ireland

Thank you for an amazingly GREAT distro. Been distro hopping for a while and you have come up with a beautiful, fully loaded, easy to use, sleek, fast distro that works great on old AND new hardware.Thanks for all you hard work friend...you have made some folk happy on my end (I refurbish old computers for charity and for friends).

Published on 20.07.2013

This is the easiest version of Lubuntu for beginners, to be sure. It comes with all my favorite things installed. I use it for teaching new Linux users, so they can get a real feel for the distro, before being thrust into the testing and upgrade cycle. Its a good version for multiple installations, as well, as it sure saves me time, not having to tweak each computer with the basics. Best of all, its smooth, and resolved the issues of 12.04, and sorted out those bugs. Thanks for being so generous with your distro, and with your time helping me learn!

Published on 11.07.2013, from Left Coast, Canada
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Excelent distro. Everything works to my satisfaction. Very easy for those who came from Windows. ~Eduardo

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