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LXLE, works just fine on HP desktop PC. Have used various other distros. But, always came back to LXLE. Well done.

Published on 10.01.2014, from UK

I have tried several linux distros over two to three months and no single linux I kept in my machine for more than 24 hours. lxle is the only system i kept for the last 7 days and find no reason to replace with any other linux distro

Published on 01.01.2014, from india

Tried many many linux distros on my old HP Compaq laptop and they were always slow, slow -- until LXLE. What a great little distro for old non-pae machines. It not only is just as fast now as my desktop PC but brings in consistent 100% wireless reception from my residential free hotspot. I only pared down a few things and added xfce4 desktop for fun and all is very stable. I hope you'll keep up the good work into the upcoming 14.04 LTS platform as I want to start financial support in 2014. Your forums are tops too!

Published on 25.12.2013, from USA

Works great on an old Dell Dimension 4600C, faster than most new Windows7/8 computers. It has 2.8 P4 Processor and 1 gig of ram.

Published on 23.12.2013, from Alton IL
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Greatest distro ever found! My old (6 years) computers work painless. I especially appreciate the wifi connection which was never working with other distro. ~pam

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