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I've installed LXLE, and i am using it for about two days. I AM REALLY AMAZED with what You've done with this system. Installation went smoothly and everything works just the way i want (including my nvidia card). LXLE is beginner-friendly, full-featured, beautiful, responsive, fast, stable... You just did it all! Thank You sooo much for your effort. Please keep up your great work. Andro

Published on 22.08.2013

The support is great! I sent an email and received a prompt helpful answer within six minutes. LXLE is a polished and well thought-out distro. After using the live USB and experimenting, I have installed it on one of my laptops for extensive use. After all in the physical world; I support Windows. I use Linux (Ubuntu) to get work done.

Published on 20.08.2013, from USA

Nice Work! I've got a pretty new system with alot of bells and whistles.:) So wasn't needing this for basic functionality, just something simple and streamlined. This was it! Installed quite easily. I was worried that the two proprietary drivers that I need (nvidia and bcmwl) would be a problem. NO PROBLEM! Also running 3.11.0-031100rc6-generic quite happily. THANKYOU!!!

Published on 20.08.2013

I just installed LXLE on a 12 year old XP computer. Even Puppy was relative slow, as everything I have tried used 100% of my cpu, even though I upgraded the memory from 256 to 1 gig. LXLE lets me use Clementine with only about 30% of my memory used, which is great. The old machine is running better than the first day with XP. 1.6 GHz single core processor, 1 gig memory and 30 gig hard drive.

Published on 19.08.2013, from USA
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Those who are developing LXLE are doing an excellent job of it and deserve high praise! Keep up the good work! :) ~Ed Hart

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