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My "distro-hopper" days are over!! 30 secs to boot up on my HP Pavilion g6? Just not real!! Great work! Great distro! Everything just blazing through :) Keep on the good work!

Published on 18.02.2014, from Falkenstein, Sachsen, Deutschland

I absolutely love this. THANKS LXLE!!!

Published on 18.02.2014
Tom A

Very impressed with the LiveCD and look forward to installing on one of my computers. I've been a distro hopper for some time and can already tell the 12.04.4 version has something special to offer any linux user. Great job!!

Published on 11.02.2014, from Seattle

Excelent distro. Everything works to my satisfaction. Very easy for those who came from Windows.

Published on 10.02.2014, from Costa Rica
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Awesome Distro, Installed on Old Toshiba Notebook (Intel Atom N280). Works Like A Charm, Much Better Than Lubuntu. You Have Rejuvenated An Old Laptop. Keep Up The Awesome Work Guys! Many Thanks :) ~Skeptical

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