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I am new to Linux. Switched to Linux from WinXP. I was trying to find a suitable Linux distro for my old laptop (Acer Travelmate with Celeron M, 1.5 GHz and 2gb RAM). Tried many distros and am very impressed with LXLE. Will use LXLE even if I buy a new laptop with the latest system resources. Great work done by LXLE team. Wish all the best for the future versions too and hope you will continue with the same great work in the future.

Published on 19.11.2016, from India

Great job guys!
I have an old Asus A6j built in 2006,2gb of ram.With LXLE I have a very fast notebook that can still streaming 1080 resolution today without lags. And also have all my favorite apps. Love you

Published on 21.10.2016, from Milan
N. Gasieta

LXLE is THE quintessential GUI/Linux variant when it comes to lightweight and fast distors.

And that it's filled with numerous features? Well, there is no reason to not like it.

Published on 20.10.2016, from Tokyo

This Linux distro has everthying I need in a O/S systrem. Totally hot. I celebrated by downloading my Pict of NUC for desktop. Good jobm you undersatn us

Published on 16.10.2016, from New York City
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My own laptop runs LXLE too, not due to old resources (it is one of the fastest laptops money can buy), yet just because I don't like kde/gnome stuff. The LXLE approach fit's me much better! ~Aernoudt

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