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I am impressed with LXLE, I installed it in an old Dell B120 lap top that I had stopped using due to windows XP had slowed down and it had so much spyware and viruses that I couldn't even browse the web any longer. With LXLE I literally breathed new life into this old laptop and now it's working just like new. Dell B120 celeron processor 1gig memmory. Thank you Linux/LXLE....Good Bye microsoft

Published on 17.05.2016, from LA

For me the best distribution of Linux by now!
LXLE 64 bit on my laptop HP 6830s works perfectly. System minimally loaded, quickly and smoothly opens the applications, recognizes the network card and other hardware
Congratulations to the team!

Published on 14.05.2016, from Bosnia
selami koclu

Congratulations for this light and fast distro. I use it everywhere for desktop operations. Thank you very much/

Published on 06.05.2016, from izmir turkey

Merci pour cette magnifique distro, je peux même lire des videos en 1080p (local, pas streaming, mais quand même) sur mon pentium M... et les perf en streaming sont egalement incomparables!

Published on 06.05.2016, from france
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"Holy moly donuts this is just so great. Im a tech supporter and have been working with linux for more than 2 years with fedora, ubuntu, Arch, Debian and so on." ~Ammar

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