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China Mike

I put Ubuntu 16.10 on a laptop, and it gave me nothing but trouble. Thought maybe the HDD was failing but nope! So I burned a copy of LXLE to a DVD, used it 'live' to transfer files off the buggy Ubuntu to an external drive, and then installed it, wiping the drive. Immediately I noticed how smooth and easy running LXLE is! Very happy. Oh, also I really got turned on to it because it has two of my fav programs, LibreOffice and Gimp!

Published on 21.01.2017, from Honolulu, HI
Jeff G

I found a laptop in a local Thrift Store for $5US. Had little expectation. Video chip's cooling fan was cratered and the laptop would freeze after 1/2 an hour using Windows 7. Switched to LXLE and now I'm on this laptop for hours with zero problems.

Published on 18.01.2017, from Oregon

Toshiba Satellite p875. Had bad hard drive and memory stolen by my late father, bought it years ago and decided to give it new life. First install went fine until the GRUB boot loader wouldn't install, went into the forums and found Boot-Repair. Install and ran boot-repair, followed directions and now it runs just fine with a new WD 500 GB hard drive and new 8 GB ram. Everything works, wireless, DVD Drive, CAT, Internet. Love it. Using it for only Internet and Writing, nothing hard core so I didn't need a lot of memory. I'm so happy that this went relatively well and good job on this OS.

Published on 13.01.2017, from Texas
John Day

After days messing around with other Linux flavours I was about to give up on my old Compaq Presario CQ60.
Installed LXLE yesterday and worked first time off the mag DVD with no NVDIA driver problems. Also love the wallpapers and feel of Sea Monkey

Published on 10.01.2017, from West Dorset
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I think my distro hopping over the past few years has finally come to an end. That is the biggest compliment I can give to LXLE.Everything just works(fast).  ~Brian Boyle

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