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Really excellent job with lxle eclectica 16.04.1 - well done and thanks!

The GUI is fast and clean, and I especially like the inclusion of uCareSystem Core v3.0!

Keep up the good work

Published on 07.08.2016, from Earth
José Jiménez

Thank you very much for this wonderful system. I have used many distributions and this is the best . Quick , easy to use and pretty. Everything you need and very comfortable in use. Keep it up , it is a gift for everyone.

Published on 26.07.2016, from Spain

Installed on my ACER Aspire One D255 (upgraded to 2Gb RAM and 128 Gb SSD).
Booting as fast as my Asus Zenbook (Ubuntu.
Wint an Intel Atom you can't expect stellar performance but the machine is still quite usable for its primary function as a computer used when cyclotouring and at the country weekend home: a KISS machine ;o)

Published on 20.07.2016, from Montréal, Canada

Impressed, I installed it in an Acer TrvelMate 4150 lap top, Everything works. Tried a few different distros and this one is by far the best, Great Job

Published on 09.07.2016, from UK
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I've installed LXLE eclectica on my Asus E200HA, well known for being a huge trouble for most linux distros.
LXLE worked on first try, no tweak needed, and proved to be very friendly and deeply customizable. ~Foobarus

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