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This is the easiest version of Lubuntu for beginners, to be sure. It comes with all my favorite things installed. I use it for teaching new Linux users, so they can get a real feel for the distro, before being thrust into the testing and upgrade cycle. Its a good version for multiple installations, as well, as it sure saves me time, not having to tweak each computer with the basics. Best of all, its smooth, and resolved the issues of 12.04, and sorted out those bugs. Thanks for being so generous with your distro, and with your time helping me learn!

Published on 11.07.2013, from Left Coast, Canada
Randy F.

I'm a big fan of LXDE and I love what you did with it. This is one rock solid and dependable O.S. It comes with the perfect software selection, and artwork. Most machines I've tried it on, the hardware has worked out of the box. Great job!

Published on 29.06.2013

Holy moly donuts this is just so great. Im a tech supporter and have been working with linux for more than 2 years with fedora, ubuntu, Arch, Debian and so on. This distribution gives me more than just fredom and also my games with wine have a higher frames when playing Diablo 3 and serous sam 3. I will recommend this Lxle for everyone and it doesn't matter if they are developer, gamer or just for a normal every day normal user.

Published on 29.06.2013, from sweden

Downloaded and installed LXLE yesterday. I updated before I started any customization. Very little needed. mostly just removing unneeded apps. this distro is really good. My distro hopping days are over.

Published on 26.06.2013
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I've just found LXLE after 10 months of searching through various Linux distros for the ideal xp replacement for an eleven year old Acer laptop. What a gem!  ~Roy Davies

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