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Carlos Moreno

Muchas gracias a todo el equipo creador de esta distro, una maravilla. Mi athlon lt110, fluye mas rapido que el intel i3 de pc de sobre mesa y su windows.

Published on 05.09.2017, from Colombia

Amazing, especially for newbies trying to embrace Linux. Everything worked after the install. Thank you very much.

Published on 04.09.2017

I was struggling to find a distribution that would see the Broad-com WiFi on a bunch of Dell Latitude D530 D531 laptops that were donated to the Stars Program bglug.ca
This Did the trick.
I have always been a fan of Lubuntu and Mint
Thank you very much for this Distro.
Keep up the Great work !
LinuxPusher (the original)
aka Chris.

Published on 21.08.2017, from Owen Sound, Ontario Canada

Really good. Very fast I offer hardware too.. I am having Lenovo ideapad S10 netbook with aim processor. Thanks to LXLE I am using it now.

Published on 14.08.2017
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Greatest distro ever found! My old (6 years) computers work painless. I especially appreciate the wifi connection which was never working with other distro. ~pam

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