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Downloaded and installed LXLE yesterday. I updated before I started any customization. Very little needed. mostly just removing unneeded apps. this distro is really good. My distro hopping days are over.

Published on 26.06.2013

I love the distro runs fast and light on old hardware. Really great job!!! I have been running it for about two months on my sons old laptop.

Published on 13.06.2013

I been checking out distro after distro for the last few months. There's so many! Sadly a lot don't work very well. This one is very,very nice! I'm just a long time computer user and fixer of!, and don't program or build o.s's. But i can appreciate excellent work,and this qualifies as excellent in my book. It works great on my Dell D505 "M" processor with the dreaded non pae flag. I also like the fact that my usb broadband dongle works straight away. Too many distros do not cater for usb dongles,which is extremely annoying. Keep up the great work and try and get this advertised in more places. It deserves it!

Published on 10.06.2013

I want to say VERYBIG 'Thank you!' for your great work! I choose it in strong comparison with a number of distros to create my first Linux-only environment on the laptop some days ago! So I really appreciate your build work, your design work and I'm very glad to see your new site for LXLE! It looks evem more great than first one! One more time thank you for great distro!

Published on 06.06.2013
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I have been tinkering with Linux since Knoppix 3 but kept XP as my working OS. Then LXLE arrived and bingo an almost ideal replacement for XP. ~ John Goldspink

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