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I'm a newbe to linux and have been checking out different distro's for awhile now trying to find a version that I could understand how to use. Well I think I found it. Not only does it look good and work right out of the box, it's fairly easy for a 60+ year old newbe like myself to figure out how to use. This version has stuff in it that really helps a newbe like myself, like the mouse overs that tell a person what a program does (ex:cd/dvd burner, video player etc.). Most versions of linux don't have that and it's really helpful to a newbe. I often didn't keep linux on my system and really give it a chance partly for that reason. If I have to go on line to figure out what a program does before I try to use it, then I tend to get turned off of using it. So far I really like what I see and how it feels and think I may have found my new OS. Keep up the good work LXLE team and thanks for the chance of something better.

Published on 04.09.2013, from Scarborough,Ont.

I've been secretly depressed for over a year ever since Ubuntu released Unity and Gnome 3 was released. All the "this makes sense" usability had went out the window and even though I had played with LXDE, XFCE, E17, and the bunch, I just couldn't get it to do EVERYTHING I wanted. But this does. I have the equivalent of an Aero snap, FAST USB read/write with PCManFM, a random wallpaper selector (not even sure any other disto has this), and a setup that mimics GNOME 2 in appearance. I dig this, I really do. Now...why doesn't this release just replace Lubuntu?! You have a superior aesthetic look and better suited to a wide range of desktop users. Just thought I'd send a quick note to say great job!

Published on 04.09.2013

Kudos on LXLE - an impressive improvement on Lubuntu. Gets most everything right straight from the first reboot, from wireless to the correct time, with different desktops for different tastes. I understand LXLE is meant primarily as a holdover until Lubuntu has a fully supported LTS release, but I think this system easily stands on its own as a premium Ubuntu flavour. Keep up the good work!

Published on 29.08.2013, from New Westminster, Canada
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i switch 'flavours' every couple of months but i think that lxle will be staying on my main box for longer than that. it's not an old machine (quad core - 8 gig of ram) but i like the simplicity and understated feel. it really does fly too.thanks for taking the time and effort to release it.

Published on 26.08.2013
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Nice Work! I've got a pretty new system with alot of bells and whistles.:) So wasn't needing this for basic functionality, just something simple and streamlined. This was it! Installed quite easily. ~tstc

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