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It's well done and well thought out rendition! Have tried it as dual boot with Windows7 .32 and it is about the best yet.

Published on 05.06.2013

Nice job - lots of nice artwork - fast and does everything I want.

Published on 05.06.2013

A typical Ubuntu master-piece. I loaded it from a disk and I had sound. I had internet. I had a crispy clear screen. I had a printer. I had an "install" button. One can tell, that the distro is compiled with thought and care by people who know. Libre Office is there (all of it), Simple Scan, Osmo PIM, FireFox, Chromium, Skype, Transmission, heaps of games, screenshooter, Deepin Software Centre, Synaptic Software, Brasero, VLC, gucview, Open Shot Video Editor, gdebi-installer and HPCUPS 3.12.2 - in short, everything that makes life on a computer worthwhile. Another point of mention is the stunning art-photography - a pleasure to look at. Thanks for a great distro !!

Published on 05.06.2013
Rob B

Useful out of the box, Samba too, a nice surprise.

Published on 05.06.2013
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nice, my 10 years old computer came up like phoenix from the ash.... THX ~dmark

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