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i switch 'flavours' every couple of months but i think that lxle will be staying on my main box for longer than that. it's not an old machine (quad core - 8 gig of ram) but i like the simplicity and understated feel. it really does fly too.thanks for taking the time and effort to release it.

Published on 26.08.2013

I've been using Linux for years, always on a separate bootable disk with windows and i've tried many distros. Yours was by far the easiest, most flawless and best looking i've ever used. I finally found a distro to settle on. Great work and thanks.

Published on 22.08.2013

I've installed LXLE, and i am using it for about two days. I AM REALLY AMAZED with what You've done with this system. Installation went smoothly and everything works just the way i want (including my nvidia card). LXLE is beginner-friendly, full-featured, beautiful, responsive, fast, stable... You just did it all! Thank You sooo much for your effort. Please keep up your great work. Andro

Published on 22.08.2013

The support is great! I sent an email and received a prompt helpful answer within six minutes. LXLE is a polished and well thought-out distro. After using the live USB and experimenting, I have installed it on one of my laptops for extensive use. After all in the physical world; I support Windows. I use Linux (Ubuntu) to get work done.

Published on 20.08.2013, from USA
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"Has everyting you need right out of the box, & wrapped in a beautiful package too! I'm glad someone made lxde into a full on distro." ~netipot

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