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I have tried Zorin, Elementary, Mint, Ubuntu and others and LXLE was the only one that worked 'out of the box'. I have stuck with it and rejuvenated an old HP laptop and made it usable again!! Many many thanks. ~dave

Published on 05.12.2013, from New york
Cristi Mois

Great distro. Much stable and light than others. I use it in dual boot with another linux distro. Great job, thanks.

Published on 03.12.2013, from Romania

Excellent environment! I run it on all of my machines, older and newer alike. It is (L)Ubuntu, perfected. Thank you!

Published on 02.12.2013, from Pittsburgh, PA

Very good distro work in 512 mb ram, good software, great work

Published on 27.11.2013, from Italy
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Tried many distros and am very impressed with LXLE. Will use LXLE even if I buy a new laptop with the latest system resources. Great work done by LXLE team. ~LinuxNovice

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