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Andrew Ross

Distro-hopper for a couple of years now..forever searching for that 'cut-above the rest' distro. LXLE is right up there in terms of its load/execution speed. A good set of default programs..with others at your fingertips (ie repository). Even running off a live CD its good! Currently 12.04 so I'm just going to download the latest to see if it's faster still and install it!

Published on 10.02.2014, from New Zealand

By far the most featured packed lightweight distro. No it does not fit on a business card or a regular cd, but that gig or so of dvd spaces is well optimized. I have used linux since 1990, I have been active in the Ubuntu community since 2012, I say all this to say that LXLE just might be the most elite and complete distro! Way to represent and I hope you become an official spin!!! Be Blessed!!! ~LuvLinuxOS~

Published on 16.01.2014, from USA
D Collie

Tried distros of all kinds since the late 90's. Always ended up with a dual-boot system because none had it all. LXLE is very fast on older systems and Blazes on newer systems. 3 of my computers now have LXLE only! Thanks for all of your hard work on this beautiful distro!

Published on 15.01.2014
David Mackie

I have an old . . . umm . . . generic pc, dunno who made it, but so far it refuses to die. It's hooked up to an equally old Syncmaster monitor. LXLE works great ! I thank you.

Published on 12.01.2014, from Japan
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Faster on mini notebook and netbooks than windows 7 ~Gary Monori

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