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Robin Hould

A wonderful distro - easy to load into memory, easy to install - with so many programs already preinstalled. AND - hold your breath - all of them working !! Even Gnome Commander as a file manager is included, the only distro where such an excellent and important tool is standard. Top marks for that !!

Published on 19.08.2013
Billy Myers

I'm somewhat new to Linux and have tried many versions but have really fell in love with LXLE. I have been telling others about it and hope they too will give it a go..

Published on 19.08.2013

Just installed LXLE 12.04.1 and it's not just for old PC's. It makes newer ones fly with style and stability. From the slick greybird theme to the abundance of preinstalled software to the configurability options, installing LXLE is a smart move for all Linux users, experienced, new and in between. No need to reinstall every 6 months, this respin is an LTS and did I mention it's fast and beautiful and reliable? Thanks very much!

Published on 04.08.2013, from georgia, usa

This is a awsome Lubuntu based distro and preforms awesome, Been hopping distro for a while and keep coming back to LXLE. This is gona get White & Black Gaming's official gaming distro "I the Owner/Founder of White & Black Gaming Society approve this distro for Linux Gaming".

Published on 30.07.2013, from Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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"LXLE is very quick and has just the right applications installed. Just added a couple of things and now feel like I have the perfect setup. Thanks!" ~Tallyman

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