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Very good distro work in 512 mb ram, good software, great work

Published on 27.11.2013, from Italy
John Goldspink

I have been tinkering with Linux since Knoppix 3 but kept XP as my working OS. Then LXLE arrived and bingo an almost ideal replacement for XP. It found my WiFi and my printer effortlessly! Incredible! It installed effortlessly and is now my main OS . Only updating my Garmin satnav remains to be transfered. Amazing.

Published on 27.11.2013, from Neyland, Wales,UK

Excellent distro. All other distro's I tried gave me untold problems with my (seemingly very non-standard) laptop wireless card. LXLE worked straight out of the box. Disabling IPv6 helped speed up the wireless somewhat - but even without doing that it worked at acceptable levels. I'll recommend this distro to anyone facing similar issues to those I had.

Published on 18.11.2013, from UK
Admiral Yaarxaath

Magick!!! This is just what my netbooks need. Lubuntu 13.10, being STS, is a bit bug-ridden, and perhaps a bit 'heavy' for my Acer AspireOne ZG5, even from the Alternative Installer. LXLE is ideal, especially with 1.5GiB RAM. I reckon I can trick it to install to my EeePC 4G, and strip it down. LXLE does include a LOT of applications! A 'Lite', minimal version that includes all the added repositories would be nice. I'm already working on an OpenBox version. Great work.

Published on 07.11.2013, from East Riding of Yorkshire
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LXLE is THE quintessential GUI/Linux variant when it comes to lightweight and fast distors. And that it's filled with numerous features? Well, there is no reason to not like it. ~N. Gasieta

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