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Decided to play with an OLD Dell D610. Perfect distro for it. Super quick, everything works out of the box. Love it!

Published on 29.09.2017, from Wyoming

Does exactly what I want it to do, simple fast, and reliable. Eager to see what they come up with next :) How about a PPC version?

Published on 27.09.2017, from South Africa

Just installed LXLE 16.04.2 and I'm loving it. I was able to install and run various applications that I couldn't on the more popular (major) distros. Decided to give this a try as my machine is 5 years old and I extremely pleased with the results.
It does everything I need it do and then some. Pre-installed apps are great, my hats off to everyone involved, in my opinion, you've all done a fantastic job.
Keep up the good work, looking forward to future releases.

Published on 19.09.2017, from Easton

Really good operating system. It has given my ageing former Windows XP computer a new lease of life. I particularly like the abundance of software on the base install, and the wallpapers are the best I've seen. The utility for updating the entire system is a godsend. I am a big Linux fan anyway and I like lean and efficient distros, but LXLE is the fastest I've tried.

Published on 13.09.2017, from Manchester
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LXLE is THE quintessential GUI/Linux variant when it comes to lightweight and fast distors. And that it's filled with numerous features? Well, there is no reason to not like it. ~N. Gasieta

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