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Love it! Unique desktop. Well done to the Development Team! Would be great if you added more packages LUbuntu like the one from Mint. HIGHLY recommended for slow laptops!

Published on 22.12.2017, from South Africa

I had a 2004 Windows XP AMD Athlon single-core 2GB RAM computer, tried various flavors of Linux none of was to my linking. Currently running using 16.04.3 LXLE with some GUI tweaks and loving it.

Most importantly, the computer had VIA S3 UniChrome graphics card and BT PCI WiFi (Broadcom) Card where both inherently have Linux driver issues. But not on LXLE. It automatically found and installed all required drivers with zero hassle.

Loving it. Thanks LXLE team.

Published on 10.12.2017, from Istanbul, Turkey
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LXLE revived a old Dell Latitude D820. Its Seamonkey browser is the fastest in this computer. I tested several distros, using Firefox, Chrome and Opera and nothings beats Seamonkey. And LXLE is beautiful and very light. ~Fausto

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