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I am a Lububtu user. I use an old, plain Dell Latitude laptop with 2007-08 technology in it. Earlier this year, I decided to give LXLE a test drive on a live USB for a day or so. I tell you what, I was VERY impressed with the beauty, function and performance of this system. There were many beautiful wallpapers pre-installed, the programs were few, yet highly useful (no bloatware), and the performance seemed just as fast and powerful as Lubuntu- if not smoother. Other than necessary continuous improvements over time, I would say please don't change LXLE for anything because it is already a winner!

Published on 21.02.2017, from Atlanta, Georgia USA
Raheel Chaudhry

Everything, EVERYTHING I ever wished for, I ever wanted in a distro is in LXLE. It is like someone read my mind. I can't thank you enough for putting this together. From the app selection to tiny little details like system monitor, a file manager with links with every option to open it in terminal, it's just perfect. Whatever team put this together has definitely got the best idea of how to bring Linux to the masses. I'll be posting this review on distrowatch as well.

Published on 16.02.2017, from Columbus, Ohio
China Mike

I put Ubuntu 16.10 on a laptop, and it gave me nothing but trouble. Thought maybe the HDD was failing but nope! So I burned a copy of LXLE to a DVD, used it 'live' to transfer files off the buggy Ubuntu to an external drive, and then installed it, wiping the drive. Immediately I noticed how smooth and easy running LXLE is! Very happy. Oh, also I really got turned on to it because it has two of my fav programs, LibreOffice and Gimp!

Published on 21.01.2017, from Honolulu, HI
Jeff G

I found a laptop in a local Thrift Store for $5US. Had little expectation. Video chip's cooling fan was cratered and the laptop would freeze after 1/2 an hour using Windows 7. Switched to LXLE and now I'm on this laptop for hours with zero problems.

Published on 18.01.2017, from Oregon
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This is the BEST linux distro I have ever used. LXLE lets me USE my computer and not care for trivial things that add no value at the end of the day. I totally recommend it. Did I mention the wallpapers? I love them. ~Michael Kamau

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