LXLE Official Release Notes:

After 10 thousand downloads within a month for the beta of LXLE; many suggestions, tips and help came pouring in, it was simply amazing. After some investigating and clever work, its finally official. Did I miss anything? Probably. Is it flawless? Probably not. Is it a pretty damn nice full featured desktop OS that'll run good/great on any PC made in the past ten years? You bet, but hey, I'm biased. Needless to say without becoming too long winded, which I'm certainly known to do, lets get to it. LXLE purpose is to provide a complete, very fast, drop in replacement OS for your aging computer. Its built on an LTS release of Ubuntu, more specifically Lubuntu. Its pretty and ready to go out of the box. The first official version packs a punch. Most features and graphics from the beta remain intact. However there are significant changes that help complete the OS for an official release.

Best to start with some LXLE unique modifications.

QuickStart App Launcher --- (Alt + z, type to search, enter to launch (arrows navigate))

Aero Snap like feature --- (click on window, hold super key, hit arrow)

Waste Management --- (access trash from panel)

Fast Forecast --- (fast local forecast in panel)

Lubuntu Control Center --- (modified fully working control center)

Deepin Software Center --- (add, remove, find, update, software)

Many replaced and added software titles and repositories to keep you up to date.

Pretty Stuff

Compton --- (menu and window shadows) (only enabled on 64bit)

Greybird --- (complete greybird theme support including openbox, panel)

Elementary --- (updated elementary icon theme)

Wallpapers --- (updated stunning backgrounds)

Conky --- (system gauges on desktop)

Elegant Notifications --- (xfce4-notify themed notification system)

Splash Screens --- (elegant startup and shutdown screens)

Better than boring notes: Screenshots speak a thousand words. :) Click Here or "Home" to view.

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