LXLE Key Differences from Lubuntu 12.04

(possibly build your own from list)


Many software repositories.

Startup sound, flash, java, backports, etc.

Conky lightweight system gauge.

Aero Snap like feature enabled.

Compton composite manager.

50 Stunning wallpapers.

Additional themes.

Lightweight screensavers.

Random Wallpaper

Fast Forecast

Catfish File Search

Accessories help file.

Parcellite clipboard manager.

Gnome screenshot utility.

Frozen Bubble



Shotwell photo manager.

Firefox web browser

Liferea news aggregator

Pidgin Extra plugins

Skype Messenger

Xchat irc client

HomeBank Accounting

Asunder CD Ripper


gtkPod manager

Pulse Audio and pavcontrol

OpenShot video editor

Pithos pandora client

Alternatives Configurator

Deja Dup Backup Tool

Bleachbit system maintenance

Gufw firewall

Samba networking

Obkey editor



Ubuntu One


QuickStart Launcher

Y PPA Manager

Trash access through panel.


Greybird replaces default Lubuntu theme.

Menu icon plus login and shutdown screens.

Icon set switched to accommodate new theme.

Notifications replaced by xfce4-notify dameon.

Panel opacity, directory menu, find, monitor, etc.

LibreOffice instead of abiword and gnumeric.

Deepin Software Center replaces the LSC.

Gnome games replaced penguin games.

Gimp (enhanced) replaces mtpaint.

Claws Mail (enhanced) replaces Sylpheed.

Brasero replaces xfburn.

Guayadeque music player replaces Audacious.

VLC replaces Gmplayer.

Gparted replaces Gnome Disk Utility.

Remains the same

Most of the Core system remains unchanged.

Most Accessories remain intact.

Most System Tools remain intact.

Most Preferences remain intact.

SimpleScan remains intact.

Chromium web browser (no longer default)

Transmission remains intact.

Document Viewer remains intact.

Guvcview remains intact.


Setup and ready to go out of the box.

Suitable for most users everyday needs.

Beautiful layout with attention to detail.

Runs great on any system with 1 GB ram.

And all other Linux benefits you can think of.

Differences between 32bit & 64bit

Due to lesser resources usually available in 32bit

machines compared to their 64bit counterparts,

Compton (shadows) have been turned off by

default to ensure greater performance. However it

can be re-enabled easily following the readme.