Configuration Guide

##Setting the clock##

  1. Go to
  2. Pick your layout
  3. Right click the time in the panel (task bar)
  4. Click Digital Clock Settings
  5. Enter code from webpage in Clock Format box
  6. Click Close

##Setting Fast Forecast (weather icon) Location##

  1. Go to menu > Then click run
  2. Enter "gksu gedit /usr/share/applications/fastforecast.desktop" without the quotes
  3. Then click ok
  4. Edit the existing zipcodes "17403" to your zip.
  5. Exit the file and save.
  6. Right click weather icon next to clock
  7. Select application launch bar
  8. Remove fast forecast from left column
  9. Then ReAdd fast forecast from accessories in right column.
  10. Click Close and your done.

    Alternative configuration

  1. "weatherman -m 'varna, bulgaria'; weatherman -mx 'varna, bulgaria'"

##How to stop Random Wallpaper or Conky (gauges) at Startup.##

  1.  Go to menu > Preferences > Desktop Session Settings
  2.  Uncheck which ever one you don't want to run at startup.
  3.  Click OK
  4.  If you want to renable just repeat but check instead of uncheck.

    Alternate method if above doesn't work with the computer gods.

  1. Menu > Accessories > ROXTerm
  2. Enter “pcmanfm ~/.config/autostart/” without the quotes and hit enter.
  3. You can either delete the file or simply remove “.desktop” from the filename (right click rename). This will disable it, to renable it in the future re-add “.desktop” to the filename.

##Inducing the “Aero Snap” like feature.##

  1. Select window you would like to move (either up, down, left or right)
  2. Hold Super Key (windows key) and press and arrow on the keyboard in desired direction.
  3. Do the same for the second window you would like to position.

##Inducing the “QuickStart Launcher”##

  1. Hold “Alt” key and then tap “z” key
  2. Begin to type what you want to launch.
  3. Hit enter to launch, or use arrows to find what you want then hit enter.

##Configuring Conky Network Activity##

  1. Go to menu > Accessories > ROXTerm
  2. Enter gedit ~/.conkyrc
  3. Find All “eth0” without the quotes
  4. Change to your connection usually “eth0, eth1, wlan0, wlan1, wlan2”
  5. Also easily found in network connections
  6. Once changed just save and exit.
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Lxle works great on an old Dell Optiplex 740. Bravo! ~8139david

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