Switching netbook from xfce to lxde sound and graphics tweaks?
  • Hi, I recently switched an old netbook from Linux mint xfce to lxle. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that many of the adjustments I made in mint xfce were implemented out of the box in lxle. However, there are two things I am not sure about. First, does lxle 16.0 4.2 use compositing, and if so how do I disable it? I found some resources that say that older versions don't use compositing, but I wasn't sure about this one. Also, I've got choppy sound because audio playback overwhelms the CPU. In mint xfce, I fixed this by following some instructions in an outdated thread, removing pulseaudio, and installing gnome alsa mixer. Is this the best way to fix this? If it is, how should I go about doing this in lxle?

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    no compositing and the audio issue could be anything
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    Thanks for the clarification about compositing. I found the audio fix as well. it was just a matter of filtering the Google search results so that it only shows the ones from within the past year. I'll list the steps here so that it's all in one place.
    1. In a terminal I ran killall pulseaudio.
    2. Then I ran sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove pulseaudio
    3. Then I installed Qasmixer from the Lubuntu software center. (I read in another forum that it's supposed to have fewer bugs than Gnome alsa mixer)
    4. Lastly, I removed the Fluendo codec with synaptic package manager.
    Detailed instructions and the rationale for this can be found at position 12:35 in the Joe Collins video linked below.

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