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    I will be posting screenshots soon but wanted to report that after downloading the most popular distributions based on xfce, gnome, lxde, lxqt, budgie, kde, enlightenment, etc. LXLE setup uses less ram/cpu than all of them while offering more features pound for pound. Yes even Lubuntu 16.04 out of the box uses more ram than LXLE, about 25 megs. Even Linux 'Lite' falls 100 megs short of LXLE. Ubuntu Mate uses a whopping 300 megs more and it only gets worse from there with the other popular desktops. It's not just the 'desktop environment' that makes or breaks an OS, it's also the implementation and logistics of how and what operates that system. Needless to say, LXLE is a speedy, low resource using beast of an OS.
  • Yeah I've noticed it's super fast. However I'm curious how it can be so, LXLE is still so full of all kinds of programs and features. My only few concerns with performance are some services running on boot that increase boot time. For example on my laptop modem manager service (forgot it's precice name) took about 8s to boot :O I manually uninstalled it of course. 

    Is there any chance we will see game performance benchmarks on LXLE versus other Linux distros? Would be super interesting to see some benchmarks on fresh installed OSs with nothing tweaked. 

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