16.04.2 Beta Available
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    This beta of LXLE 16.04.2 is all about fixing crap that wasn't right or was broken in the previous version. What a rough release 16.04.1 came to be, from unforeseen errors to in house developer screw ups, it simply wasn't pretty.

    The things worked on that stunk in 16.04.1 is as follows.

    Languages--> fully restored, space saving wrecked them last release.
    Update Manager--> hopefully it will not rip out 'printers' any longer.
    Xterm Terminal--> modified backend to correct in-use graphic issues.
    Repositories--> corrected installer to include proper default libraries.
    Keymaps--> multimedia, system tools and overall hotkeys reworked.
    Drivers--> resolved issues installing proprietary wifi drivers.

    Installer--> Added helpful tip splash screens during install.
    Panels--> Bottom panel now always visible to avoid confusion.
    Plugins--> Adjusted to display battery life at proper position.
    Weather--> Xterm modifications for better language support.
    ToolTips--> File names and descriptions verbage updated.
    Grub--> Installer now includes VB hard drive boot options.

    Default Background--> different with every release.
    Power management--> tooltip shows 'enabled'.
    xl-wallpaper-config--> renamed Paper Rotator.
    Openbox settings--> controlled by obconf-qt
    Firewall settings--> now enabled by default.

    Numerous other small obscure adjustments have also been made throughout the system. As hard to explain as they may be, many may be noticed or at least appreciated by the user on a day to day basis. It's important to note, that this is a beta release and not intended for production machines. Also all items listed as 'fixed' need user testing.


  • When installing 16.04.2 beta 64-bit, when it's in the copying files stage, the slideshow starts with a shot titled 'Welcome to Lubuntu 14.04' and the slides continue to show information shots containing references to a Lubuntu installation.  The installation completes okay.
  • Same 'Lubuntu...' screens appear in 32-bit installation phase as well...no updates done during installation.
  • Yes, the 64-bit was a uefi install.
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    just finished testing both in virtual box here and lxle screenshots and info is being displayed properly. i'll retest
  • Installing 32-bit I requested 'automatic login' but the installed system goes to a login screen first...
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    automatic login on any ubuntu based lxde distro has never worked properly unfortunately. I just finished test both the 32 and 64 in brand new virtualbox set ups and the lxle info and screenshots splash screens do appear as they should, i can't seem to reproduce the error.
  • The only other variant at install time I can document is that I was overwriting (in VB) old 16.04.1 installations and wasn't using new blank VB disk partitions...just for the record...
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    Did you select a different language at install? Seems it also happened on a vb install for this person as well.... I can't reproduce it...

  • I've tried a fresh install in VB with new VB vm etc in a different OS environment and still am getting that Welcome to Lubuntu 14.04 welcome screen and following slides; maybe it's connected with my host OS's which were both Arch installations?  I'm not sure why the host OS would have such weird effects though inside a VB VM?   All a bit strange...I guess we wait and see if others report the same...
  • lxlelxle
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    The really strange thing is, that not only do the words lubuntu nor 14.04 not appear anywhere in the slides, but the original lubuntu slides themselves are also not on the system. So some how some where something is pulling in Lubuntu information either locally or online. Have no idea how... are you selecting a different language when installing?

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