same games, no games, or some games?
  • lxlelxle
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    It's been brought up a lot so it needs to be asked and debated.

    Should games be included at all?

    My viewpoint, surprisingly the games don't take up much space in the grand scheme of things and all are 'desktop style' games that easily run on old hardware. It also fits into the 'drop and go' os idea, basically install it and leave philosophy.

    That doesn't necessarily mean its a good idea; so what do you think?
  • I discovered some new games just by exploring that menu a little bit.  But it kinda looks like "overkill" to have that many included.

  • Every one bitches about games, I personal don't care. But just to make The OS "None bloated" maybe you can cut down on some of the games, that will shut people up. I like the jewels, and solitaire and card games. Sorry but that review on the FB page to me the guy needs to not quit his day Job.
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  • lxlelxle
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  • LummerLummer
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    i say more games
  • razakrazak
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    i dont really play games aside from jewel..may i know how to delete all the other games?
  • lxlelxle
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    check the software tools
  • About the games these I'm not a fan of:

    eBoard Chess
    GNU Jump

    On the other hand I'll leave a list of games I have installed which I enjoy, they are all available at Synaptic, I'll leave them as suggestions:

    Chromium B.S.U.
    Mine Escape
    Mines (gnome-mines)
    Numpty Physics
    Open Sonic
    Paintown --55mb
    Prince of Persia (sdlpop)
    SuperTux 2 --77mb
    Swell Foop

    The large ones have the size (more or less) indicated.
    I also agree that there shouldn't be too many games pre-installed. Maybe 15 tops or something alike.
  • lxlelxle
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    i stuck with small desktop oriented games. Petris is awesome, you're playing a game in the terminal! eboard chess actually allows you to play against others online while dreamchess does not and the others are way smaller than their counterparts.

    Games are a controversial topic. Like, hate, have them, don't have them, these kinds, that kind, etc etc.
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  • lxlelxle
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    It's good to note that eboard chess also allows you to choose what 'chess engine' you want to use/play against. There are many in the repositories/libraries/synaptic... I chose the smallest footprint one that it supported. While good, there are some that are award winners and such... Might want to check that out if Chess is your game.
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  • lxlelxle
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    Ever play dopewars? It's like a text based version of GTA.. lol it's old school and awesome. Damn near included it but was afraid people would have a meltdown... lol

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