Creating the respin, package installer scripts.
  • Hi,

    I'm curious to know how the livecd respin and installer scripts are created for LXLE.  I've been a huge fan of LXLE since it came out, and I would like to maintain my own custom livecd and installer.  I've had a hard time finding authoritative info on creating these.

    For livecd creation I've found:
    For creating a (very basic) system installer I've found:

    Thanks for your help.

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    menu>system tools>systemback
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  • That is very cool.  I see an article that you linked to it in another post but I haven't found much documentation on it.  It appears pretty straightforward though:

    If I wanted to create a minimalist network installer iso (not a livecd), what would you recommend?  

  • So it looks like systemback has been removed in favor of bodhibuilder?  How does it compare?

    Also, it looks like winfuncs has been removed in the latest release, has it been replaced with something else?  I found RTile ( but it seems to respond much more slowly than your scripts.  Did you write winfuncs?  I'm curious to know what other software you've written for LXLE.  

    I love the distro, thanks for all your work on this.
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    bodhibuilder is what is used to build the distro, so it'll turn out great. I'm more of a maintainer than a programmer. Winfuncs has been replaced with skippyxd, seems many people miss the bottom panel initially. No I didn't write winfuncs
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  • Cool.  Additionally, do you have a complete list of software/changes somewhere that you used to create the distro?  I would really like to apply the config to Ubuntu server 16.04.  Ubuntu server is the base distro I use on a lot of machines where I usually don't need a GUI, but for the cases where I need to install a GUI, I would really like to apply the LXLE config that you've created.

    Or if you could provide a list of the changes/mods from Lubuntu, I could probably go from there.

    Thanks again for all your work on this.
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    not really, I do this respin in my spare time, all sorta by the seat of my pants so to speak.
  • Loving the new release so far.  Are you still using bodhibuilder to build the distro, or what tools are you using this time around?  I find myself using the steps outlined here:, except that I would love to be able to boot into the live cd, make config or GUI changes, then save them back to an installable iso, so I'm curious about your process.  Thanks for the time and effort you've put into all of this.  Your tools and optimizations have been very helpful to me.

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