LXLE Eclectica 16.04.3 Released

LXLE 16.04.3 is built upon Ubuntu Mini LTS. Lubuntu-core is used as a starting point. What's New? LXhotkey replaced obkey for better ease of use. Addressed menu clutter, layout and organization. Tweaked theme for consistency throughout system. Further integration of Mate/LXQT/Mint desktop components. Removed Pithos as it's regional and requires [...]

LXLE 14.04.1 & 12.04.5 released.

The official release of the incremental update to LXLE 14.04 and 12.04.4 has undergone minor changes and a few bug fixes which is as follows: Panel and menu layout adjustments were made to encourage checking for updates in addition to the automatically installed security updates. Gnome 2 (G2) Paradigm has been corrected, in the last rele [...]

What others are saying

Tried many distros and am very impressed with LXLE. Will use LXLE even if I buy a new laptop with the latest system resources. Great work done by LXLE team. ~LinuxNovice

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