LXLE Eclectica 16.04.2 Released

LXLE 16.04.2 is built upon Ubuntu Mini LTS. Lubuntu-core is used as a starting point.

What's New?

Menu Layout - reconfigured for cleaner, less cluttered navigation.
Control Menu - completely reworked to act as a dynamic 'Control Panel'.
Consistency - theme tweaks throughout the system for a more uniform look.
Proposed - Fixed 'proposed' Ubuntu repository not being included by default.
Zenburned - Zenburn theme used as inspiration for custom terminal color scheme.
QT+gtk - forced gtk theme adaptation for stubborn qt based default applications.
Languages - Installer slideshow and custom menu entries have been fully translated.
Htop - replaced lxtask due to memory usage and new enhanced terminal capabilities.
Grub/Login - backgrounds set to default wallpaper for overall theme consistency.
Games - semi new selection to adhere to 'desktop' games philosophy & save space.
Synaptic - reconfigured to showcase more features and facilitate ease of use.
PenguinPills - easy to use 'front end' for numerous command line virus scanners.
Drivers - image headers now included by default to enable easier installation.
Updates - update notifier checks unattended-upgrades log for non automatic updates.

Key Features

Btrfs file system base
Auto detect dual monitors
Expose like window picker
Lightweight app launcher
i3lock screen with autoblur
'Aero' window snap feature
Enhanced menu speed
Assistive Technology apps
Detailed startup splash
Terminal based Weather app
Mate & Mint app additions
100 brand new wallpapers
Security updates auto installed
uCareSystemCore update manager
Random/Interval Wallpaper changer

File Manager Extensions

Open as root
Set as wallpaper
Right click check md5sum
Right click desktop trash empty

Extensive work on the menu system was a major focus this release. As well as fixing bugs and errors that existed prior. Everything has been streamlined even more so, such as the included 'PPAs', default software and even the menu system itself went on a 'diet'.

Finally, a release doesn't mean bug free, perhaps close, but never perfect, as proven often.

Below are some screenshots.

Download Now

A special 'bug squashing' thanks to Don't Call Me Lenny! and his help this release cycle.

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What others are saying

It just works . . . Works with no tweaks! Kids laptop with slow Vista now flies on 512 ram - should be impossible, but they are happy and so am I. ~John

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