LXLE 14.04.4 Posh Released

The 'Posh' version of LXLE has been readied and tested since it's last release candidate and in the subsequent days of the update to Seamonkey 2.40, which is a core component of the overall desktop experience provided by the operating system; ensuring performance and compatibility with the suite update was critical before official release.

During this wait, small polish to the browser and overall user interface was applied, essientially smoothing out any rough edges of the new 'Posh Paradigm' introduced in this release. Posh is expected to provide not only a familiar yet dynamic low resource LXDE desktop but also a layout easily mimicked by LXQT if a version is ever officially offered.

The goal was just simply to get as many options and features showcased and or utilized while keeping the resources low and without the overall look being too gaudy. Naturally veered away from using foreign system libraries and instead focused on customizing and maximizing any and all internal GUI resources.

The new layout actually allowed for a couple once needed services to be discontinued hence freeing up more ram and resources for the operating system and its programs to utilize. A simple 'Paradigm' shift can truly be more than just a rearranging of the furniture, if done the right way.

All other changes are visible an can be seen by the updated screenshots below. Jesse at Distrowatch pointed out that the wallpaper and icon placement of th RC made it difficult for people to see if they didn't already know where to look. I agreed and have since changed the default wallpaper and desktop icon positions of the Posh release, thanks Jesse.

All software has been updated to its latest stable version available through their respective repositories and official ppa's. Finally, a release doesn't mean bug free, perhaps close, but never perfect, as proven often. The ISO's are on SourceForge, Distrowatch may provide a torrent later.

*Known Bugs* The user 'qwerty' is the test/build/live user of all lxle systems, at times leftover cruft of this user will, can and has been discovered. The weather app 'Typhoon' yahoo addresses not working as intended the author has been notified and is aware of the issue, an update is expected shortly.

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What others are saying

The current version of LXLE is the best ever iteration of this operating system. If you have older equipment LXLE in particular, is the way to go. ~Tim

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